"If it doesn't challenge you,
it won't change you"

I grew up in a very athletic & competitive household. My aunt being a Springbok hurdler and my mother an athlete all her life, but when her motivation for athletics faded, she started training as a bodybuilder. To her disappointment I was never athletic, all due to my weight. I participated in as many sports as I could, but was always the "last one to be picked". After school I started climbing the corporate ladder. I got my diploma in business management and was stuck in the 9-5 rat race. Living a fit and healthy lifestyle was not on my to do list. After making many mistakes in life & love, my daughter and I finally moved in with a room mate, she lived her life and I mine. For the first time it felt like my life was mine. The first few months I partied like I was a teenager again. But I wasn't happy.....with me. One afternoon after work I put on a pair of tekkies and hit the road. Needless to say I could only manage a 100m jog, it was my first but not my last. With my next salary I bought cheap weights, better running shoes and started training. Every evening after work I would dedicate an hour to training, some nights I would run, some nights weight training in my bedroom (which was only big enough for a single bed). I became obsessed, but loved every moment. I took hold of my life, living a fit & healthy lifestyle was now my priority. The bonus was I was losing weight, little bit at a time, but eventually 20kg was in my past. During this time I met my current husband. Hearing how he changed his lifestyle, losing 45kg in 6 months. He left the corporate world to become a personal trainer to motivate others to do the same. I immediately knew this is what I was meant to do, motivate & help people to change their lives. I qualified as a personal trainer and welcomed this new endeavor with open arms. My clients all have different goals and every morning I wake up exited to help them take on every challenge. Many years ago I could only manage a 100m jog, I have progressed to a half marathon a month. What are your challenges? Let me help you achieve them


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Our array of personnel and Technogym equipment caters to your individual needs.

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The very best experts positioned at the leading edge of the health and fitness industry.

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By Engaging with the very best experts positioned at the leading edge of the health and fitness industry, we have created the ultimate in focused training to partner you in achieving your goals.

Our array of personnel and Technogym equipment caters to your individual needs.

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